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Business Criminal Law

What is business criminal law?

  • Business criminal law, also known as economic criminal law, encompasses all matters related to economic and financial criminal offences.
  • Business criminal law offences may concern individuals as well as companies, legal entities, or public authorities.

How can our lawyers assist you?

  • In the context of a criminal investigation, our lawyers will assist you before the police, the public Prosecutor, or the Courts. This is true whether you are a person suffering harm or accused of having committed such an offence.
  • They also advise you upstream, answering questions that may arise in connection with a given business activity, providing legal opinions, or making you aware of certain risks.

Our business criminal lawyers advise and defend you in the following areas

White collar crime

Banking and finance

FINMA proceedings

Administrative criminal law

Sport criminal law

Offences against property

Money laundering

Seizure and forfeiture of assets

Bribery and acceptance of an advantage

Internal investigations

Insider trading

Unfair competition

Your questions, our answers

Which laws contain criminal provisions?

  • In addition to the Criminal Code, other laws contain criminal provisions. For example, criminal provisions can be found in the law against unfair competition, the law on direct federal tax, the law on VAT, etc.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

  • A Ponzi scheme is the mechanism by which the amounts brought in by new investors are used to pay old investors, thus giving the illusion of quick and large gains to the latter, gains that in reality do not exist.
  • Bernard Madoff was convicted of running such a fraud.

Our lawyers specialized in business and corporate criminal law

The Mazou Attorneys-at-Law law firm is composed of lawyers who share a passion for criminal and commercial defence and legal advice and who, for the most part, have been working together for many years. The team also includes a trainee lawyer and two legal assistants.