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Criminal Law and Procedure

What is criminal law?

  • Criminal law covers the rules of conduct imposed by the law under penalty of punishment.
  • The application of criminal law is governed by the rules of criminal procedure.

How can our lawyers assist you?

  • Our lawyers will assist you in the event of a criminal investigation, whether you have been a person suffering harm or accused of committing such an offence.
  • They also advise you in advance, by answering your questions, drawing up legal opinions or making you aware of certain risks.

Our lawyers in criminal law and criminal procedure advise and defend you in the following areas

Offences against life
and limb

Offences against honour
and secrecy

Offences against sexual integrity

Criminal law of sport


Road traffic

Internal investigations

Your questions, our answers

What is criminal procedure?

  • The rules of criminal procedure are those that define how the investigation and subsequent trial of individuals or companies accused of committing an offence or offences should be conducted.
  • The criminal procedure defines, for example, who can file a criminal complaint, how long it takes, how hearings are conducted, who can exercise the right to silence, what evidence is unlawful, or the conditions for a challenge.

Our lawyers specialized in business and corporate criminal law

The Mazou Attorneys-at-Law law firm is composed of lawyers who share a passion for criminal and commercial defence and legal advice and who, for the most part, have been working together for many years. The team also includes a trainee lawyer and two legal assistants.